Ekke Shares a Hip-Hop Success Story With Debut Album 'Free Music'


Canadian hip-hop artist Ekke releases his profound and outspoken debut ‘Free Music.’

From mellow tracks like ‘Dream Music,’ to booming anthems like ‘Freedom,’ the album is Ekke’s proud declaration of his musical talent and fast-paced lifestyle. Ekke has come a long way since he was “on the corner” and “selling free music.”

Ekke’s booming and passionate verses ride over a simple tracks, giving a perplexing contrast and placing all the emphasis on his declarative, autobiographical lyrics.

Each track describes, with unexpected and creative language, a different aspect of a hip-hop rendition of a “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” lifestyle.

True to his signature style, Ekke’s verses have an effortless rhyme and flow. The Vancouver-based rapper has released a series of singles from Free Music throughout the year, including “Free Fallin’ Straight Flexin’,” which received 24.4k streams on Soundcloud,  “Free Ride,” which was streamed 13.5k times, and Broke.Dream.Fix., which was streamed 20.7k times.

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