Jay Shephard Preaches Optimism In New Single 'Real One'


Bahamian-born artist Jay Shephard releases uplifting and motivating dancehall anthem ‘Real One.’

He artfully blends the best aspects of reggae, dancehall, and pop to create his own unique sound. Full of optimism, inspiration, and shared personal experiences the track aligns perfectly with Jay Shephard’s overarching goal of leading others.

With the influence of his music, he strives to guide his listeners through life like a flock.

Born Jamaal Saunders, Jay Shephard selected his artist name with the goal to positively influence other people and be a voice for those who lack one. He hopes that his music can be a vehicle of change that can transform the lives of those who are struggling and in need of a miracle. Jay Shephard makes an effort to release strictly relatable sounds, so that those encountering roadblocks, daily stresses, and emotional turmoil will know that they are not alone.