J Fresh Links Up With Grimes Freshest MC’s Madders Tiff On 'Oh My'


J Fresh links up with one of Grimes freshest MC’s, Madders Tiff on new single ‘Oh My’.

Fuelled with a bouncing baseline that draws in hip-hop synths and deep bass drops, Madders Tiff launches in with her rapid fire flows, engulfed with her fierce and ferocious demeanour.

The epic instrumental from J Fresh becomes the stomping ground for both musicians to brawl and smash out their talents, resulting in this juicy joint. 

Following what has been a monumental twelve months for J Fresh, the DJ and producer has dropped two albums, ‘Fruit Salad’ and ’Juice’, as well as video releases for the likes of ‘Lock Down’, ‘Die Young’, ‘Dem Man’ and ‘Pablo’, which have garnered thousands of YouTube views, Spotify playlists, and a high increase in his streaming figures.

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