Canadian Rapper Preston Gets Us High On His New Single 'Sky High'


Young Canadian hip-hop artist/producer Preston releases booming, uplifting anthem guaranteed to get us high dubbed ‘Sky Fly.’

The track illustrates Preston’s accomplishments as an artist and individual, as well as his professional aspirations as a musician. He declares to the world that for him, the sky's the limit.

Only 14-years-old, the rapper describes the fame and fortune that he hopes for, as well as the obstacles he will have to overcome to get there. He hopes to inspire the next generation of hip-hop to pursue their dreams no matter how out of reach they may seem.

Preston, born Preston Senst, grew up in Rosedale, Toronto. His father is Canadian and his mother is American, giving Preston dual citizenship to two of the best countries in the world for pursuing hip-hop.

His love for music started when he began writing his own raps at only 8 years old. Now, at only 14, Preston is already a talented artist, as he writes, raps, and produces his own music.

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