Canada Duo LIINKS Release Fresh New Album 'Ridge Road'


Earlier this year, Victoria, Canada duo LIINKS revealed the first glimpses into their debut album, Ridge Road.

Setting the stage with the release of three carefully crafted singles from the project, "Ceiling Fan, "500 Roses," and "Ghost," the tracks prove how far LIINKS have evolved from their humble beginnings.

LIINKS are now unveiling the remainder of the highly anticipated Ridge Road LP, a project compiled of eight original tracks. In addition to the albums name, Ridge Road was singer Georgia Murray's street in Victoria, BC where her and partner Tony Day aka DWHIZ had first met, before becoming a couple. The project represents the pair's most personal work to date as it revisits their life before their union as a musical act, and shares a noble story of finding self-love through a whirlwind of emotions:

On the single Georgia Murray said, "...there was a freedom we felt and an undeniable love that was instant upon meeting. Our album is about never letting that die. It’s about trying not to loose that feeling of fearlessness and endlessness that’s taken for granted when we’re young. It’s about figuring out how to love myself,"

"It’s about learning how to build confidence and facing our biggest fears of rejection and dealing with the things I think we all go through on a daily basis but don’t like to talk about. It’s about putting ourselves out there and not caring what we get back. It’s about us. It’s about all of us."

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