Rasheed Chappell Continues His Street Tales with Visuals for 'Shorty Rock (Pt. 1)'


Wordsmith extraordinaire Rasheed Chappell puts his immaculate storytelling skills at the forefront of his gripping new video for “Shorty Rock (Pt. 1),” a grim street tale off his upcoming 'First Brick EP' produced entirely by Kenny Dope.

Like “101” before it, the visuals for “Shorty Rock” were also produced by the talented team at foundationDIGITAL FILMS. Their vision perfectly captures the power of Chappell’s pen and the urgency of both his rhymes and Dope’s guitar-laced production. With quick cuts and slick editing, “Shorty Rock” is an enthralling watch from start to finish.

And it’s made all the better with Chappell as the narrator, of course. His depiction of street violence was harrowing enough in the first minute or so, but it hits another level of madness as his rhymes keep flowing over Dope’s frenzied instrumental. We won’t give away what happens, so be sure to stick around ‘til the conclusion. And is it just us, or is Chappell building some sort of bigger narrative with this and the “101” video?