Lucas Roth Brings 90s Hip-Hop with his debut Album 'You're Gonna Go Far Kid'

lucas roth.jpeg

Lucas Roth drops his debut album 'You’re Gonna Go Far Kid' with ten brand new soundtracks to your next party that is sure to keep hip-hop lovers moving.

After moving to Los Angeles from Detroit to pursue his music career, Lucas Roth says he’s all about bringing the fun back to hip-hop.

For his first release, Lucas Roth sets the bar high for other new rappers on the west coast. With original lyrics and clever wordplay, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid is made up of songs that will keep the energy flowing and party alive.

Lucas Roth demonstrates his talents by combining 90s influenced hip-hop beats with groovy basses and kicks. The album also includes a feature from Famous Dex in the track 'W.I.T.T.', alongside other artists in the songs 'Floating Away' and 'Time Of Your Life'. With influences from Detroit and Los Angeles parties, Lucas Roth appeals to a large audience of hip-hop, rap, and pop lovers.

Lucas Roth recently dropped a new music video for the single and opening track, “Whole Thang.” This video embodies the heart and soul of the record and gives a peek into the life the LA-based rapper lives.