Zamaera Captures Change in Raw New Single 'Z vs. Z'

Zamaera_Lafamos_Photographer_ Kanya Iwana.jpg

After securing over a million views for her appearance on MTV Asia’s Yo! MTV Raps Cypher, Zamaera breaks down walls to expose raw vulnerability in her new single, 'Z vs. Z.'

Penning a letter to her past self, authored by experience and self-exploration, this track sets the conceptual tone of internal growth and progression for her forthcoming debut EP. The EP will be released internationally later this year. 'Z vs. Z'.

Zamaera pours herself into “Z vs. Z,” opening her heart to reveal the universal theme of change and how we deal with its incessant appearance in life. With a raw flow that could rival hip-hop’s current chart-toppers, Zamaera sets herself apart with the ability to tell an intricate story in a matter of minutes. “I’m not afraid to share my weaknesses with others,” said Zamaera.

“People want to know that they aren’t the only ones facing change because change is scary and uncomfortable, but change is necessary. It’s the only constant, and it keeps us balanced.”

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