Neak Releases Striking New Album 'KWESBAAR'


Neak releases a killer new album ‘KWESBAAR’, soaked in the elements of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, and driven by heavy synthesising and collaborative instrumentation.

On the album Neak said, “My goal was to design a musical platform that allowed me to discuss my greatest insecurities, agonising internal fears, and many trials and tribulations of people through many walks of life,”

“Employing fluent rhyme schemes on striking subjects like, "Lost Fathers," and "Gold," to crafting a tribute to soul/jazz/funk legend "Kool and The Gang" on "Dreamer's Sadness" where I orchestrate vintage synth leads, I play myself, KWESBAAR pushes my musical prowess to a level beyond my past; demonstrating my love for retro production and true-to-life raps,”

The album is his first introduction as an all-inclusive producer using the landscape of his life as a classroom moving from his current consciousness, to the next.