Niska Drops Some Heat On 'Du Lundi Au Lundi'


French rapper Niska drops some heat on ‘Du Lundi Au Lundi’.

The French-Congolese rapper hails from Évry, Essonne area, a suburb 25 km from Paris. In just under 3 albums and five years, his blend of instantly catchy melodies and hard-edged trap has put him on track to take advantage of pop music’s new polyglot landscape to become an international star (a quarter of his billion streams have come from outside France)

Why has his music connected? It’s a fresh blend of African beats, woven into pop hooks and edgy street tales. His hit singles are liberating hymns that free the body and the mind, delivering an addictive adrenaline rush. “I’m the epitome of what rap has become: unselfconscious, music for everyone” says Niska.

Ruling French radio and the charts, he has released 21 singles, his last album Commando went diamond, selling more than half a million copies. Five singles have gone platinum and five have gone diamond. He is the reigning Sun King of the French charts with the decorations to show for it.

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