Tone Liv & Decay, the Llama Drops 'Ahead' Produced By Dibia$e


Tone Liv, Decay, the Llama and Dibia$e link up and deliver a hot one with all the hallmarks found in their brand of raw, unfiltered music.

Beats that slap and rhymes that hit, from the album ‘Gas Station Sushi,’ the song ‘Ahead’ communicates the idea that what's ahead is greater than everything left behind. They are embracing what's new and that energy is in the music.

Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama of the legendary Green Llama crew create a sonic masterpiece with their new release.

Primarily produced by L.A. superstar and native, Dibia$e, this album drips with atmosphere. Each bring their own personality and style while capturing the sound that has endeared the crew to many. Joined by a few guest, Tone Liv and Decay display the cohesion of a tried and tested rap group. Whether stirring up thoughts of giving up on Cloudy Days or laying down the gauntlet and going bar for bar with Miilkbone on Beware, Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama have created something special.