plainfacedgirl Faces The Beginning Of The End In Debut Music Video 'Pickup'


The rising and mysterious artist, plainfacedgirl, has released her debut music video, ‘Pickup.’ plainfacedgirl is whoever you want her to be, she is your empty canvas to express yourself in however you feel inside. Her latest album, doubledutch, has created a buzz amongst young outcasts like herself. Her work has ignited a movement of acceptance and weirdness beyond her imagination. When performing, you never know what kind of plainfacedgirl you will get.

In her music video, “pickup”, plainfacedgirl is being driven through space by her crash test dummy boyfriend in a pickup truck. They eventually have to stop at a random planet because the truck breaks down, symbolizing the downhill fall of their relationship. While singing about the sour love, plainfacedgirl lets loose through the nostalgic animated universe.

The mystifying sounds of plainfacedgirl derived from a love of R&B and alternative hip-hop, with lyrics inspired by honesty and introspection. plainfacedgirl seeks to expose the flaws we all have with a judgment free environment, and a safe space to express. In this music video, it is easy to see the obvious safe space plainfacedgirl wants to create for her fans.

Additionally to the release of her music video, plainfacedgirl previously released her album, doubledutch. The album is a collaborative work powered by 4 producers, and plainfacedgirl. Producers include: Nick Groat, Jesse LeVines, Trey Kams, and Aidan Brody. This extremely low budget project came about in the most innocent of ways, just genuine friends wanting to make something unique and honest. Throughout the process she learned that she is a fighter. A fighter for love, for her freedom and a fighter with big dreams to help outcasts like her in need of an unthreatening and secure space.

Margaret Traplainfacegirl