Ruby Velle Releases Her Liberating New Single 'Go Get It'


Critically lauded Atlanta-based songstress Ruby Velle releases her liberating new single, ‘Go Get It.’

This sweltering late summer pop anthem was included on the season nine premiere of Showtime’s series Shameless. Now the front woman for the soul-infused group, Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics, finds herself embarking on a solo course for the first time after 13 years with her band.

‘Go Get It’ starts with R&B funk sounds of Nelly Furtado and Alicia Keys and adds in a dash of Ellie Goulding and

Janelle Monae's modern pop sense that quickly ignites a fire. Produced by Steve Rusch and co-written by Mischa Mandel-Giegerich, it’s driving dance beats and fierce lyrics force whatever barriers from success (imagined or real) to be run over like a Mack Truck. As the song pulses, it morphs into a rallying cry for the unknowingly empowered to find their own truth and remember who they are.

On the single Ruby said, ”I co-wrote and sang ‘Go Get It’ as an experiment in bravery. A personal quest of expression. After working with marginalised youth and women for most of my career, I have been exposed to what happens when we are repeatedly kept down. I chose happiness despite any fears that cropped up, in the hopes that this track will empower more than just myself to take action towards dreams. We ALL need an anthem for the survivor in us. I’m so grateful to those who have supported me and picked me up in order to practice even more resilience.”

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