Serious Klein releases Bounce-Worthy Summer Jam 'Should've Known'

serious klein.jpg

Germany-based, Ghanian rapper Serious Klein releases infectious, bounce-worthy new single "Should've Known", from upcoming debut album out Oct 19th this year.

Created over an instrumental producer Rascal originally created for SZA, "Should've Known" kicks off with the strains of an acoustic guitar which then meanders into an infectious bounce, with a bubbly, playful melodic line.

Lightweight and summery with a motivational slant, the production is at odds with the lyrical content which hints at challenges in Serious' life - the death of his father, familial expectations of success, poverty, justice for people of colour, the need for freedom.

Harking back to a mid-2000's sound, "Should've Known" sits in the same sonic realms like artists such as J Cole, Chance The Rapper, Joey Baddass, with an uplifting chorus which serves as a reminder to keep the hope, sung by LA-based singer-songwriter Roméo (FARR).

"I had this idea of making a song called “Should’ve Known” - I choose titles before I actually make a song, so I was walking around for weeks with that title in my mind. It's the song that summarizes the whole storyline of the tape" - Serious Klein