Chris Allen Releases A Heavy Hitting Single 'Headband'

chris allen.jpg

US MC Chris Allen is set to roll out hard hitting summer-tinged single ‘Headband’.

Up and coming lyricist Chris Allen’s brooding authenticity makes every bar he lays down feel right.

An effervescent artistic arena, D.C is a city that has brought worldwide acclaim to hometown acts such as GoldLink and Wale. Through their unique stylistic approach to music through storytelling of D.C’s underground, they have laid the foundation for acts like Allen to revolutionise the city’s evolving musical influence in avant-garde like fashion.

On his newest record ‘Headband’ Allen rhymes with bubbling confidence about his carefree outlook on any type of situation going on in his life. Soaring over the bouncy production in expert fashion Allen has never been better. Boasting about his keen off-hand ability to deliver catchy hooks Allen leverages the production effortlessly stating there is no method to the madness of his success.