Shanzyan Releases a Smooth RNB Tune 'Dream Come True'

Dream Come True - Press 01.jpg

Hailing from Austin, Texas Shanzyan has released a smooth RNB tune 'Dream Come True'.

With infectious tempo and hypnotic vocals, 'Dream Come True' takes you back to the RNB and soul music we all know and love.

Shanzyan has a deep commitment to creating songs that are inherently mood enhancing, whilst he's only just emerging into the scene his recent single will open the doors for this talented artist. 

On the single, Shanzyan said "This song was inspired after a weekend trip to Los Angeles where I visited a lot of family and friends from when I lived in that area. I don't know... just being in the sunset atmosphere of Southern California beaches, getting away from the stresses of my day job, and then returning home to my girlfriend, all of it just made me feel really at peace for once. It was the first time in a long time that I felt calm inside because most of my life was been filled with family drama,"

"I was in a good mental space, so I made this song on the flight back home just to capture that calming feeling. Especially because of the relationship I'm in, I'm happier than I've ever really been,"

Shanzyan is influenced by  Childish Gambino, Ty Dolla $ign, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator, and Drake.

Have a listen to the track below.

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