Chicago's Soul/Jazz/R&B Outfit The O'My's Drop New Album 'Tomorrow'


Chicago's soul/jazz/R&B outfit, The O'My's have released their new album 'Tomorrow.' Making it the first release from the duo since their 2015, Keeping the Faith EP. 

The track is a powerful and sentimental song with sparse and selective instrumentation that provides space for Haymes' smooth vocals and Chance The Rapper's insightful verse. The song is accompanied by an evocative black and white video featuring the streets of Chicago in a downpour that creates a somber reflection of the city's buildings and provides the perfect canvas for the emotive song.

The O'My's, comprised of Maceo Haymes and Nick Hennessey, started simply with the album; sitting in a room together while playing their instruments and turning the results into well-crafted songs. Maceo and Nick set out to capture their experiences over the past few years giving Tomorrow the emotional resonance that grabs listeners from start to finish.

Much like the Quiet Storm era musicians, The O'My's create understated, soulful music with relaxed rhythms. Working with various artists in Chicago's music scene speaks to their versatility, while balancing a genre-less project. To best highlight their experiences the group enlisted the talents of long time Chicago collaborators Nico Segal (Donnie Trumpet, SaveMoney), Will Miller (Whitney) Saba and Chance the Rapper among many. 

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