Too Many T's Drop Visuals For 'P A T T E R N S'

Too many t's sm.jpg

London-based duo Too Many T’s, release a boundary-splicing track and high-brow video concept with the release of ‘P A T T E R N S.’

Known for their unforgettable high-energy live shows, Too Many T’s have supported the likes of De La Soul, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane and many more, bringing them the accolade of ‘Britain’s answer to the Beastie Boys’ by the European press. 

With their signature rapid-fire-back-to-back rhyming and positive vibes, the pair draw lyrical inspiration from the golden era of hip-hop with a modern approach to production.

The single demonstrates a more serious edge to the T's songwriting, focusing on the cycles of human vices and addiction, and the emotional trauma that follows them.

Too Many T’s are known for their consistent positivity - but there is always the flipside, after an extensive summer touring and partying the patterns had developed that inspired this song. The video was made to reflect and enhance the dark and abstract nature of these feelings.