J*DaVeY the new, cool way to get high on life

J*DaveyBrook and Jack = J*Davey

Jack and Brook together make J*Davey. Often described as alternative hip hop and soul, aka panty droppers. The duo divulge on why J*Davey is the new, cool way to get high on life, their upcoming album The Designer Drug and what it was like working on the late J Dilla's track. Margaret Tra writes.

You featured on 'Red Light' of jay love Japan by the late great Jay Dee, what was that like? And how did that come about?

 Jack: I was approached by Mr French, an LA DJ who said told me about the project. I can't quite remember who was putting it together, but there was some interest & I actually got the track via messenger the day that Dilla passed. I've been a Dilla fiend since college so I was honoured to have the opportunity to write something to one of his tracks.

Rules and music don't mix, is that your philosophy?

Jack: Definitely one of them...

Brook: All music is relevant. Everyone just has very particular tastes so how can someone's expression be right or wrong? Rules are made by critics, not the music or the artists creating it.

How does it feel to know that you have Australian fans? (You recently did SXSW and are now doing The New World Culture Tour, any possible Australian Tour?)

Jack: It feels great to know that our music has reached Australia, although we've never been there we'd love to get out there soon!

You did a track with Marco Polo, the direction of your music has changed since then, why the change? 

Jack: Our sound is always progressing, that's what makes what we do so exciting. I worked with Marco my senior year in college & back then Brook & I were still in the early J*DaVeY stages. We're artists of many talents so we wanted to showcase our range.

Brook: We're constantly thinking of the next thing while we're doing the first thing.  That's been our connection from the start. 

The album The New Designer Drug is set to drop in 2011, how is that going? (And what is the meaning behind the title and album?)

Jack: The New Designer Drug is coming along great. We've been mixing in Philadelphia with Khari Mateen for the past three weeks & we're really excited to finally be at the finishing line. The album showcases songs for each type of high or vice. We've got uppers & downers, hallucinogens & entactogens. A little bit of something for everyone, the title is a simple statement: J*DaVeY is the new, cool way to get high on life. This will be the new it thing. 

In an interview you stated your music is accidental, is it really a case of trial and error sometimes?

Jack: Sure. People usually ask us what our process is while working on music & we never really commit to a routine. We like to let it all happen the way it's meant to happen. i guess that's our process; not really having one...

Brook: We're merely analysing and sifting through vomit to find the good chunks. 

You both have an eccentric fashion/look, have you guys ever thought of making your own fashion label? 

Jack: I'm actually in the beginning stages of designing for a line i created with a partner, Ayanna Bohemia called LadyTripper. It’s mainly psychedelic & outdoor festival inspired pieces for women along with feather ear & head pieces. Music takes up so much of my time that I haven't completely launched the full collection, but we've got some great things coming up. 

What stimulates your soul?

Jack: Life is enough. There's always something.

Brook: Creating. 

You've been described as 'drop your panties' music by Australian fans, how does it feel to have that label?

Jack: Feels great to know that our music inspires people to want to get together. Sex is natural. As are we. Keep dropping those panties!

Brook: Throw em’ over here!