Ebrahim planting his seed


Just a simple dude getting his grad school and who also loves music very much. Ebrahim just released an album with Hazel titled: In my heart I am Zebrahim. This simple dude has also decided 100 per cent of the money raised from purchasing this album goes towards Ride to Conquer Cancer project which has made $1000 to date. Oh and he’s a talented musician as well. Ebrahim reveals his relationship with Slakah the Beatchild, the dream of passing down his seed and why he loves Australian accents. Margaret Tra writes.

Do you produce, beat box and sing? Is there anything you can’t do whilst recording?

My beat boxing gets me by, but it ain't all that. I do produce, play and sing. I'm more of a studio producer than a live entertainer.

What made you combine the beat boxing and R n B together?

Boredom. Naw, I was working on my second album and started playing around with this little looper thing I had. It was fun so I just kept doing it and started posting videos. Nothing serious.

How does it feel to have Australian supporters?

Man, that's crazy. I never thought my music would ever reach that far. I've had a bunch of Aussie's reach out. "Aussie". Is that cool to say or do you all find that offensive? Anyways, I think it's great. I'd love to meet you guys soon!

In Video Series you even managed to make a Britney track sound good, how did you do that?

Haha that Britney track was actually the first one I ever did. I showed it to a friend and he was like "Man, post that shit on YouTube!" So I did and next day it was featured on her official blog. Pretty cool! I honestly don't even hate her stuff. She's got a few dope tracks kickin' around.

You did collaboration with Slakah the Beatchild, I noticed you said he was a brother and one of all-time favourite artist. What was that like to work with him? And how did that come about?

Damn, I've known Slaks since he was a 19 and I was 22. I always felt like I was his older brother. I saw a feature of him on HipHopCanada, with his group Art of Fresh, and I instantly fell in love with his sound. I reached out to him via email and nine years later...BAM. The work we did together on my first album was actually all done over the internet without ever being in the studio together. We both have a lot going on right now, so we may not communicate as frequently, but I'm really proud of how far we both have come.

What is your inspiration behind your music?

As cliche as this may sound, life inspires me. If you haven't lived it, you can't write about it. Probably why I don't write club tracks or songs about banging chicks 24/7. My life is simple, my music is simple. Knowing that people appreciate what I do definitely keeps me motivated as well.

Are you working on any new projects?

I have a full length album and an EP coming out this year. Working on a number of other projects as well that will hopefully become official later this year. Jay Sean, Melanie Fiona, the Groove Theory reunion album.

What is your perception of Australia and your music? (Do not say kangaroos and koalas!)

Well first off, I LOVE your accents, but forgive me if I have trouble distinguishing between yours and that of the Brits. I guess I'm just dumb. Koalas and Kangaroos?? Moving on…

Will you do a tour down under?

I'd love to tour there. Working on a few things, so I'll keep you posted as I find out.

Is it me or wear you wearing koala slippers in your rendition of D’Angelo-Africa? Nice track.

Are you asking what my inspiration behind the koala slippers was or the song? I feel you. D'angelo's music was basically why I ever started doing it myself. His song "Africa" to me means more than just Africa. Too me it was about his history and looking forward to future generations through the passing of his seed. I don't have any kids yet, but I really can't wait. And to me, family is priority number one.

Being an experimental artist allows you come up with new concepts, and ways to tackle music is this the genre you will essentially stick too? 

I mean I could sit here and say that I love all types of music and that I'd like to try everything, but honestly I'm just going with what I'm good at. Even with that, I haven't perfected it, so I'd rather just focus on what got me inspired in the first place, being hip hop, soul music, just that real good, feel good music. I really do love everything, but I can't be everything.

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