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Eric RobersonMr Nice Guy Eric Roberson

R n B, Soul singer-songwriter Eric Roberson has the ability to make you fall in love to his music. He has collaborated with a high calibre of artists including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jill Scott and Musiq Soulchild. Eric reveals why people send him pictures of their babies, love and trying to find it in others, and his up-coming album Mr. Nice Guy. Margaret Tra writes.


Your music can be described as love making music, how does it feel to have that effect on people?

Amazing, I've had people give me pictures of their babies, saying they had them to my music. I guess I'm trying to capture a feeling in my music and people are free to take that, and transform it into whatever passion they want to follow.

How does it feel to know you have touched the hearts of Australians?

For one, it goes to show the power of the internet. But no matter where you live and who you are, we are all mostly after the same thing. Love. Trying to find it in others and in ourselves. And finding ways to maintain it. So it feels good that my musical friends in Australia can relate to what I create.

Plans of a possible tour?

Most definitely, we seem to have performed everywhere but Australia, so it's definitely in the plans.

Song writing or singing, is there one you prefer more?

They go hand in hand, to be honest. I love to create; so whether it's combining words or finding ways to amplify them, I lean on both of them.

What came first?

Singing, I was singing as a little child before I knew how to write songs or poems. But as soon as I learned how to put sentences together, I was writing lyrics.

Who influences you?

So many and so much, [including] my past musical heroes who I grew up listening to. Plus, there's so much pain and joy around us. I just try to pay attention and put what I've witnessed to song form. I clearly got my love for song writing from my granddad. We would sit for hours and I would listen to his clever sayings and lessons. A lot of those conversations were converted to songs.

You won Mr Black Teen universe? What was that like?

It was one of the biggest eye-opening moments in my life. For one, it granted me a scholarship so I could go to college. And, I got it for pretty much singing, so it gave me the early confidence to really try to pursue my passion. So, I ended up majoring in Musical Theatre, rather than political science.

Who would be the ideal person to collaborate with?

Wow, that's tough. Well, I love Erykah Badu, so she's probably my first choice.

What was your inspiration behind your track 'Softest lips'?

I first wrote it on guitar during my college days. Inspired by the girl I was dating at the time. Nice soft lips are amazing; so it has always been a quality I wanted my woman to have.

What's next for Eric Roberson?

The new album our eighth called Mr. Nice Guy. A new tour hopefully coming to Australia and trying to make today better than yesterday.

What stimulates your soul?

Good food, good music, good company and a beautiful view.

Download Eric Roberson's new single: Summertime Anthem.