The rise of MeLo-X



MeLo-X’s first jam session began at the age of seven, when he emptied out his toy boxes and turned them over to become drums.  A musical genius in his own right, he’s been described as an emcee, DJ, experimental music producer with his music and creativity on par with his brother Jesse Boykins III. Stemming from Brooklyn, New York, MeLo-X chats about his creative processes when producing, why Maxwell thanked him for his mix and how coming to Australia with Kid Sister was the turning point in his career. Margaret Tra writes.



You received love for coming to Australia with Kid Sister, what was that like?

It was an amazing feeling.  We toured around Australia for about two weeks as part of the Cream Fields Festival.  I knew I had a following in Australia, but being there truly opened my eyes.  I got a lot of side gigs from friends and promoters who just wanted me to be there to party.  In all actuality, that trip is what made me take my career as a solo artist, and creative 100 per cent full throttle since last year.  It influenced the creation of Mustafa the GODKING: Rise of the Merch and More Merch.

How does it feel to know your music has touched souls here? Possible Australian tour?

It feels good, powerful and humbling.  Just knowing that through the internet my music has touched people, and has reached there iPods while they are at work or just chilling is amazing.  As soon as the big promoters out there start paying attention, I will be touring Australia of course.

You've been described as emcee, DJ, experimental multi-genre music producer, laptop musician, audio engineer and photographer, which one is your favourite?  And what came first?

Being a writer came first.  I started writing poetry at a very young age, and that gradually brought me to being a MC.  I would have to say writing and MCing is my favourite, based on the fact that I can tell my story through my words.

What is your creative process when writing or producing?

It’s very free flowing.  There is no exact process.  Life inspires me, so it can be a song or certain colours that trigger me to create.  In that moment what ever happens, happens.  I either see words or feel sounds and music, and then I start to create. 

Seems you and Jesse Boykins III are joined at the hip these days, what's it like to work with him?

That’s my brother.  We always bring a certain level of creativity to everything we do, so whether it’s video concepts, photos, or songs, we always set a certain high bar for our work.  But with that said, what we do come to us so easy so working with him is a breeze.  We can be in the same room creating, or in different parts of the world sending audio files back and forth and what ever comes out is always amazing. We have about two to three EP’s we are crafting together.

Who influences you?

My friends and family influences me.  I want to make them proud of me.  I want them to be able to look on TV and say I know that person, he is family and he is real and he did it his way.  There are only a few of us out there.  They influence me the most.

When did you know you were a musical genius?

At the age of 7 when I emptied out my toy boxes and turned them over to be my drums, then I grabbed my small piano and my small toy recorder.  I proceeded to record my first jam session.

How did it feel to have Maxwell rave about your mix? 

It was an amazing feeling because I put the project out for free with no direct link to him.  So he must’ve got word about it, or just seen his name buzzing with mine and checked it out.  He hit me up personally to tell me how much he dug the project.  Then a few months later, he had Sony Records purchase my remix to be used on tour out of something that was done free

Still looking for an intern?

I’m always looking but then I end up doing all the work I would have the intern do.  So I’d say within a year I will really need an Intern for sure.  We might have a casting call for my intern.  We shall see.

What stimulates your soul?

Love and Life.  I love living life.  I love finding Love. I love life’s ups and downs.