Back for more with Ayah


Being a self-taught singer, songwriter and composer, 25-year-old Ayah has the voice of a sultry soul singer. Designing her own brand of music with fusions of RnB, Hip-Hop and Soul, Ayah recently released an album she did with DJ Jazzy Jeff ‘Back for more’. She reveals what it was like working with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the obstacles she faced with her one true love; music. Margaret Tra writes.


You released a project with Jazzy Jeff ‘Back for more’, what was it like to work with him? Were there any funny moments?

To work with Jeff is just natural. The chemistry in the studio and on a personal level is great. We've had many funny moments. Jeff is a great story teller and makes everyone around him laugh. 

You're a self-taught artist, what encouraged you to believe in your music/self?

Probably the knowledge that if I don't believe in myself/music, no one else will. The more I'm excited and a fan of my art, the more everyone else will be. It is my first and biggest love.

You describe music as your one true love, were there any obstacles you came across with this love?

As with any love, obstacles are everywhere. Everything I've done, I've had to encounter challenges. It takes hard work, money, time, patience, confidence, vulnerability, sacrifice, drive, persistence, and honesty.

As an inspiring and empowering female artist, your music reflects this. Was this your intention?

I'm not sure that I had an intention other than making great music, and being honest while doing it. I've been working on my own personal growth and empowerment/independence, and so I'm sure that that has reflected in my music. 

How does it feel to know your music has touched hearts here in Australia? Any plans of a possible tour?

Wow. It's amazing. With will anything is possible. Music is an international language; it’s the most well-known, accepted, and understood one. I'm grateful for all the support. I hope to come there soon and meet and learn the people and culture.

Are you working on any other projects?

I'm always working on more music of course, and constantly trying to grow. DJ Jazzy Jeff & I have much more in store.

What stimulates your soul?

Everything does. From making eye contact with a ‘stranger’ on the street, to being around great people at a gathering, to the stories of others, and of course, the sound of music.