Uniting art with Leila Bogah



She claims to make elephants fit in tiny spaces, fly under water and swim in multicolored skies. Leila Bogah is an upcoming creative Canadian artist, who's imagination and free spirit runs through the veins of her music. Stimulate Your Soul takes a quick chat with Leila about why it's tough in the Canadian music business, how the 9-5 work day made her miserable, and her theory on how art unites us all. Margaret Tra writes. 

For those who don't know who you are, please tell us about yourself/music.

I'm about life, love and uniting colours to make colourful stories in a complicated world.

Growing up, what did you want to be?

An artist, I was always singing, dancing or painting something. I always needed to express myself, and later could never find it in the 9 to 5 lifestyle, it just made me miserable. I am where I am now, and I'm grateful to have found the courage to find pride in what I do.

Where do you gather your inspiration from?

My mind, what I observe, I see people making good and bad decisions everyday including myself, so inspirations are limitless.

Are you currently working on any projects?

Yes, giving my music to all the people and the “Bogahs” out there (Bogah = Shameless idealists).

Who would be your ideal collaboration?

Miguel or Bon Iver.

Tell us about your track B.I.R.D.

I was kicking my ex-boyfriend out of my house.

There are a few musicians popping up from Canada, what are your thoughts on the music scene there?

Not enough real support I guess, everyone is so stuck in their own world afraid to share knowledge and progress with each other. That's my opinion, I don't blame them though, and it’s hard out there.

Have you ever been star struck, if so who by?

No, always wondered if I will one day, but my conclusion is we all communicate with our art, it unites us, millionaires and struggling artists, it’s all the same, I don't see levels or hierarchical labels.

Do you write the songs yourself?

Yes, I love describing my feelings, finding words to untangle my thoughts.

What stimulates your soul?

A good Laugh, good people, good sex, good food.

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