Spitting trash with Trevor the Trashman

The only thing off limits for rapper/producer Trevor the Trashman is kiddie porn. This new and notorious artist recently toured with the Pro Era crew and performed at World’s Fair in New York.  His recent release ‘50 Shades of Grey’ is a hilarious intake of the book phenomenon, depicting the underlying truth of the fad, simply stating that readers were basically reading porn in public.  Trevor reveals to Stimulate Your Soul about his thoughts on the last show he was involved in with Capital Steez before he passed, why he wants his audience to feel like they’ve just escaped death after seeing one of his performances, and why people are taken aback when they first hear his music. Margaret Tra writes.

You like to blur the lines with your music, is there anything off limits for you?

Lines, what lines? I see no lines. Kiddie porn is off limits, but that's it. 

If you could get away with doing anything in your music, what would be something you've always wanted to do?

I want to add a lot more to my live set. There needs to be more fire and explosions. I want people to leave excited, because they narrowly escaped death. 

What was it like performing with Joey Bada$$? Did you learn anything from the tour?

The Pro Era guys were dope, I respect what they're doing they can really rap. Capital Steez was the headliner and he killed it. I was amazed that he kept his ski jacket on the whole time, and it was hot in there. I think that show happened to be Steez's last show before he took his life. Such a sad loss, he was only 19 years-old with such a promising future.

You recently performed with World’s Fair at Public Assembly in New York, how did that go?

It was a fun time. Mr. MFN Exquire was there, they had like 20 dudes on stage. Everyone in the rap game seems to be forming into super crews now, especially around New York. World's Fair is one of those crews on the rise. 

How did you and Pimp Jong ILL start working together?

Man, we've been friends since we were six years old. We started rapping together in 7th grade at my friend’s apartment. He was, and still is the funniest rapper I know. I listen to his raps and just crack up. Look out for more collaborations in the future with Pimp Jong ILL. 

Your ‘50 Shades of Grey’ song off your latest EP is hilarious, what made you jump on the phenomenon of this book?

Well it's more the readers of the book that spurred the concept of this song. I remember seeing this craze of women on the subway reading the book, when it was in the height of its popularity. I thought it was a weird public reading of porn basically.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?

Hell no. 

What’s next for you?

I am reaching out for a lot more help with my next album. I've been splitting more time between my home of Chicago and New York, where I currently live. While I was back in the Chicago, recently I teamed up with Vic Mensa (Save Money/Treated) and Saba on two tracks that I'm real excited about. ‘Embrace The Weird’ was mostly self-produced, but for this next album I’ve teamed up with ASAP P, The Vamp, and Milo for production. It adds up to a more mature trash man. 

Tell us about your EP Embrace the Weird, what was the hardest track you did on there?

‘Love You Down’ was the hardest. It's extremely naughty. It's about embracing your dark side and living a gluttonous, selfish life with a chick pushing you further toward that bad side. ‘The Embrace The Weird’ EP is a whole lot of me. I feel like I have embraced my quirkiness and made music that puts it all out there. 

What’s the response like for your music at the moment?

Everyone who hears it is taken back. They usually don't believe it's me, probably because they're racist. And then they apologise and look at me differently. 

What Stimulates Your Soul?

Short rib pierogis at Veselka at 3am. 

Music: https://soundcloud.com/trashmanmusic