All Good Vibes with Soul Singer Travis Lee

Following the release of his latest single, '

Next 2 Me

,' Papua New Guinea-born producer and musician, Travis Lee is set to drop his latest EP, '


 on the 7


 of November. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Jordan Rakei, Travis is on the path to developing his skills as a solo artist, mixing old school soul vibes with new electronic sounds.

We chat to Travis about his upcoming 


EP, his eclectic musical development, and his experience of honing his skills as a producer. Ayla Dhyani writes.

You just released your single Next 2 Me. How has the response been?

So far it’s been a bit slow, but in general the response has been very positive. Hopefully with the release of the upcoming EP, I can pick up some more steam.

What can we expect from your upcoming Reflections EP?

You can expect smooth vocals carried over infectious grooves. Mixed with some appetising hooks and fluid arrangements. All good vibes.

How was the journey with funk band PocketLove?

Playing with 'PocketLove' was such a good experience. Doing a little touring and honing my crafts in my songwriting/performing. It was a really helpful experience in finding my style.

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Tell us about your experience in working with producer, Audius Mtawarira.

Working with Audius was a really educational experience. Above all, he was very willing to share information and was just a really cool person. We got along well. After meeting him I was able to adapt a lot of lessons into my own production and singing/songwriting. 

You use a lot of soulful sounds in your production work. What musical influences have inspired you?

I'm very eclectic when it comes to my production, so my ears are very broad and drawn to a lot of different sounds, regardless of genre. But I still try to create something that is unique and in line with my sound, which I guess can be regarded as soulful. So I do like a lot of production from the Soulection camp like Robert Glasper, Slakah the Beat Child, Jordan Rakei, Thundercat, and I always go back to Stevie Wonder, D'angelo, Musiq Soulchild, and Maxwell. I try to mix traditional soul sounds with new electronic elements.

Has the move to Melbourne changed your musical development?

The move to Melbourne was a real good change for me with the scene, and meeting new people helped me think outside the box a bit more. I'm actually residing in Brisbane again at the moment depending on where my music takes me next.

What stimulates your soul?

I believe good music has always been my stimulation.






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