Cosmic meeting with Aussie hip-hop group Astro Travellers

There is something out-of-this-world about upcoming Brisbane hip-hop group Astro Travellers. They vibe off with each other in a cosmic fusion and rap about all things different.


We chat to Astro about their upcoming single launch at Black Bear Lodge on 1st November, how the gang got together, and what new projects they are working on. Margaret Tra writes.


Your debut vinyl single launch is coming up, what can we expect?


 Something different! We’ve been playing in Brisbane for a while now and it seems what has attracted people to our live shows is not only the energy, but also our roots based approach to playing Hip Hop. The crew shares a very diverse background of musical influence which has driven us towards playing Hip Hop, not the other way around. The Single, “My Whole Life//Future Supanova” features the beginning of these sounds, sort of like an introduction class of what’s to come. 


Why the push for vinyl?


There is only so far digital medium will take you. Music is best experienced when everything is present. Technology has opened so many doors for musicians, but when you get to hold someones art in your own hands it becomes a much more personal experience.


How did it make you guys feel to know that the possible campaign went so well?


Really humbled to see so much support for what we are doing. It can be a nerve wrecking experience during the campaign, no one wants to fall short of the target and end up wasting a lot of time an effort. This whole project is about contributing to the community, hopefully it will be something people who’ve supported us will be proud of and continue to inspire independent artists like ourselves to work at their craft. 

How did you guys all link up?

We’ve been spiritually connected longer then the human brain can process. It would seem as though our paths as physical beings have fallen into place through education opportunities, but these moments in time have just been cosmic meeting points for greater uncontrollable things. 

Are you working on other projects as well?

Yeah, we try not to stop creating. The passions we share are what bring us together for Astro but have also birthed a bunch of other groups. There are so many projects and all so diverse, some are purely personal, some are being developed for the publics ears. We intend on releasing as many of these strange experiences as possible on Green Chimneys Records as we continue grow. So if you like what you hear from Astro and aren’t scared to expand your mind, keep watching us! 

Who are your Aussie hip-hop influences?

Our biggest influences have been the people around us who’ve helped us develop, a lot of them not strictly Hip Hop. Cats like Laneous and the Family Yah, Kafka, Bankrupt Billionaires, Mko, Kooii and Street 66 have all been integral parts of our local development. Needless to say though, we wouldn’t be doing this without people like the Resin Dogs crew and Katalyst just to mention a few. 

What stimulates your soul?

People sharing what they are doing with us and letting us share what we do with them is a truly special experience and we are thankful to be around such a musical community. This doesn’t just apply to the musicians around us but the people who get down to the music and in return share with us their vibrations.