Home Sweet Home with Rapper Big Pooh

Big Rapper Pooh as most hip hop heads are aware originally came from the group Little Brother. For those who are unfamiliar with Little Brother the group featured rapper Phonte (who is now in the Foreign Exchange) and producer 9th Wonder. After parting ways Big Pooh dropped a solo album “Sleepers” back in 2005 and although there are no plans to reunite the band, he admits that he still has a relationship with 9th Wonder. 9th Wonder will featured on Big Pooh's latest project "Home Sweet Home" which will be produced by Grammy award winning producer Nottz.  Big Pooh has dropped albums including The Delightful Bars which famously had four slightly different versions of the album including a "Candy Apple" edition which featured different artwork showing a nude model sprinkled with candy, and The Purple Tape.  

We chat to Rapper Pooh about whether CDs will make a comeback after dropping a few Fat Boy Fresh Vol 3.5 on CDs; what we can expect from his signing to Mello Music Group label and a medical scare that made him change his lifestyle. Margaret Tra writes.

You of course came from Little Brother, how is the relationship with the guys now?

I have a relationship with 9th Wonder. We are good and recently did work on my latest project.

Any plans to get the group back together?

No plans.

Fat Boy Fresh Vol 3.5 you released in CD form, do you think the CD will make a comeback? I mean we are seeing cassettes coming back these days too...

I released on CD for those who like to read credits and have something tangible. It's still a market for it but this is the MP3 generation.

You had a memorable time with Erick Sermon in Helsinki, is remembering all your rap songs really a special skill?

Remembering all your rhymes is definitely a special skill. Muscle memory has to be on 1000.

What projects are you currently working on?

Finishing up this "Home Sweet Home" with Grammy award winning producer Nottz.

It's coming up to the end of Dilla month, tell us about the encounter you had with him. And how he changed you as a musician? How did you celebrate?

I don't just celebrate the life and music of Dilla in February. What he was able to accomplish during his short time on earth has inspired me as an artist and will continue. As far as the encounter, it was an honour to meet and play a particular record we had in mind for him. To be able to vibe with someone who inspired you to do what you do is some life altering shit.

One thing you are loving at the moment is getting fit and healthy. Have you always been like this?

I definitely wasn't always like this. I got to the point where I was tired of not being able to get the cool free gear, fly comfortably, etc. I then had a medical scare that has changed a lot of what I used to do.


You are now with Mello Music Group? Tell us about how you came to that decision.

I had been in discussion with Mello Music for a few years now. We were able to finally get something done and I'm definitely looking forward to what we can do together.

What stimulates your soul?

Emotion. I love things that move you emotionally.

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