Discovering Sydney duo Twin Caverns

Imagine if Tarzan and Jane were in a band, singing and making music in the jungle whilst making the world dance around in utter freedom.  This is what Twin Caverns encapsulates. At first glance, Sydney-siders Michael and Louise from Twin Caverns seem like brothers and sisters, but these duos are actually good friends that connect and vibe out together like family with the help of blues, folk and trip-hop.

We chat to Michael and Louise about their latest track “Undiscover,” why UK blogs are mistakenly claiming them as one of their own and about their upcoming EP. Margaret Tra writes.

Tell us about your journey, how did you two meet?

We met through many mutual friends, all of whom were somehow involved in music & art scenes in the inner West of Sydney. Michael did a lot of solo hip hop production prior to this, and Louise a lot of acoustic, folk music, as well as poetry.

You music is quite unique, infusing loads of different genres, how did you guys find your sound?

Michael: I am primarily a guitar player and am influenced a lot by blues music. At the same time a lot of the guitar and production style by today’s music like London Grammar and Flying Lotus definitely comes through. I enjoy recording most of my percussion with things around the house. That definitely helps with the "sound" we have going at the moment.

Louise: I’ve come from heavy folk influence in terms of the music I’ve been playing over the last few years. And I have always looked to blues music for influence as well. Collaborating with Michael has meant that I’ve been able to primarily focus on being a vocalist, and I look mainly to singers like Jeff Buckley and Beth Gibbons for inspiration there. 

You recently dropped ‘Undiscover,’ tell us the story behind that track.

Louise: ‘Undiscover’ came from a place of trying to forget something that, at the time, felt entirely unforgettable. I guess it’s about trying to fathom what it would be like to be able to completely rid yourself of a certain situation or state of being. 

Are you working on any new projects?

Michael: Currently we are working on an EP. Being unsigned, we have the freedom to work at our own pace and really define our first release. We are looking to get it out in the coming months. 

Has there been some confusion that you guys are from the UK?

Michael: (Laughs) A little... A lot of the blogs that reviewed "Undiscover" were from the UK. And our first 3 gigs were at Brighton Bar, Oxford Art Factory, and Kings Cross Hotel. Naturally a few people asked when we were playing in London next (laughs).

You guys are fairly new to the music scene? How you guys finding it?

Michael: A little overwhelming actually! It’s been great and exciting in respect to the gigs we've played so far, the reviews and write up in NME. The other "industry/business" side is quite strange and something we haven't experienced so we are taking everything with a grain of salt. 

Do you have any routines you do before you go on stage?

Michael: We are both pretty shy and timid people in general. We don't have any rituals or routines as of yet, though we seemed to have developed the habit of having a beer or two together before hopping on stage. We should totally make up a chant or pre show dance though!

What stimulates your soul?

Michael: Good company, sleeping, films, and playing guitar.

Louise: Solitude, chaos, rain.

Want to hear more from Twin Caverns?

Catch them at Good God Small Club on the 28th March 2014. Purchase the tickets here. 

Listen to them on Soundcloud.