Remaining Soulful with Sydney Soulstress Milan

As soon as we heard there was a local Sydney soulstress in our hood, we knew we had to jump at the chance to interview her. Milan, a 23-year-old singer has been dubbed a temptress and a seducer, and that’s just how she makes you feel just by listening to her voice. Her new EP ‘Glassy Eyes’ incorporates neo-soul, soul and hip hop. It’s fair to say that Milan is running the game in Sydney’s soul culture, so much so that she has just been announced in Australia’s neo-soul festival ‘Soul Fest’ line-up.

We chat to Milan about her track “Promises’ which touches base on drug abuse, her upcoming adventure to the States and how she feels about being added to Soul Fest. Margaret Tra writes.

Your latest track 'Promises' touches on some pretty serious issues, abuse and drug addiction. What was the inspiration behind this song?

A lot of people can relate to these situations I'm sure, I have seen drug addiction and abuse in different shapes and forms around me, from people I know to people that just pass me by on the street. I just wanted to tell that story.

How do you find the soul scene here in Australia?

I think it is constantly growing and starting to really take off! From the underground up to all the international artists that are making their way down here.

You’re heading over to Los Angeles in June, why Los Angeles? What’s waiting for you on the other side?

I will be mainly in NYC this time actually, but both cities I will be linking up with a few different producers, finishing off some tracks and looking to write a bunch more as well!

You dropped ‘Glassy Eyes’ what’s the response been like?

The response has been great! I love the fact that not just one of the six songs is an obvious stand out, all the songs have been named as different peoples favourites.

Your music infuses into soul and hip hop, what was behind the decision to incorporate the two?

It wasn't really a conscious decision, I grew up listening to soul and neo-soul and then found my love of hip hop in high school, so it seemed natural to combine those styles.

You excited about Soul Fest? Will you be there?

I am very excited about Soul Fest! I'd be there even if I wasn't playing. Really stoked to be added to the line-up!

There are not a lot of soul artists in Australia, although Soul Fest is going to change that, is this a genre you will stick to?

I think there are more and more soul artists emerging from Australia. The local line up at Soul Fest is really impressive! I feel proud of what Sydney will be representing. I am always changing and evolving but whatever music I make in the future I hope for it to remain soulful.

What Stimulates Your Soul?

Well other than music - I'd have to say food. (Laughs) I love my food.

Want to hear more?

Download: Glassy Eyes EP