Walking in the booth with Aussie Rapper Fatty Phew

After 16 years of doing shows the only thing Aussie rapper Fatty Phew really wanted was for his mum to come out to his show, he even begged his facebook fans to encourage her to come out and see a show. It worked. She rocked it out at the Geelong show and even brought him a 'I am hip hop shirt.' Fatty Phew stems from Geelong, Victoria and his mum isn't his only fan. He's currently on a nation-wide tour promoting his latest album 'The best things in life are three.' 

We chat to Fatty Phew about what it was like having his mum experience his show for the first time, what it was like teaming up with the Funkaors and why he wouldn't change a thing about the hip hop industry. Margaret Tra writes.

You’re on tour, how's the tour going?

The tour is going smasher at the moment. There have been some amazing numbers turning out to the shows where they show a load of support. Some have had quite small intimate crowds but the response and engagement has been amazing. So fortunate to be able to get the opportunity to travel and meet local spitters in different cities and meeting new hip hop heads that are on the save wave I am.

Did your mum end up going to see your show?

My mother did end up rocking to the Geelong show. Was amazing that after 16 years of doing shows my ma’ has never witnessed a set of mine. The punters treated her amazing and even got her front row standing for the whole show. She surprised me by wearing a ‘I am hip hop’ singlet though. Well played Mum.

Your known to wear your heart on your sleeve, care to give an example?

"Do you know what it feels like to feel like you aint really nothin,

Beggin to a god you don’t believe in to feel somethin,

You know you got a talent and success you feel comin,

You know exactly how to do it but dont know if you still love it?

There’s others that wouldn’t accept it unless you get it,

and people you dont even know expect nothin less than best shit,

You sit in the dark, and think you cant waste it,

Some days you think its amazin, and other days you just fuckin’ hate it."

This is taken off the last song on my new EP ‘Best Things in Life are Three’ from a track called ‘Do you Know.’ I leave nothing at the door when I walk in a booth. I tell everything. I am as real as it can be.

You teamed up with the Funkoars, how was that experience?

It was as definitely as good as it gets. This is something that has been spoken about for a very long time. As long as 1999 in fact, a while ago when Oars were in Geelong we spoke about games as we always do, we spoke how we should do a track about that. Since they left me off the first one, they knew I wouldn’t forgive them for leaving me off the second! (Laughs) Nah, was always going to happen. We connect well, them and me, and it certainly is not the last of it.

If you could change anything in the hip hop industry, what would it be?

In the industry? Tough question. I am not sure I would change anything. I think the industry is fine how it sits. I think the capitalist mentality of the world is no good which certainly rolls over to any industry. I think the ones making pop and the ears listening get what they want and are fulfilled, I think the radio scene have the same thing going with that scene getting what they need, and the underground scene still have more and more MC’s popping up, and more and more innovation and bars happening on the regular that it thrives. I think the only problem is how each one bitches about each other. I don’t know if I would change it though, I sometimes like bitching about all three!

What stimulates your soul?

Realness, just anything real. A baby discovering a bug, an old tree in the wind, an outburst of excitement or a fit of anger, the sound of a bird or a piano key. A person truly speaking their mind. Anything that is real and unable to be defined. I love that.

Want to hear more?

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/fatty-phew
Bandcamp: http://fattyphew.bandcamp.com/