Partying like it's 1822 with Modern Diet

If it were up to New York indie band Modern Diet, the perfect diet would involve bacon, whiskey and scrambled eggs. The group are known to toy around with different genres and combine them effortlessly. They first grabbed our attention as they shoved indie rock, jazz and R&B into a blender and mixed it into a perfect musical slimming smoothie. Modern Diet is definitely a band that will adhere to all your tastebuds as no tracks sound the same are the same, keeping you guessing and wanting more.

We chat to Jake Cheriff from Modern Diet about how the lads met, what we can expect from their upcoming EP ‘Chemicals’ and what it’s like being added to the Spotify list. Margaret Tra writes. 

You EP Chemicals is due to drop out in May, tell us what we can expect.

The new EP, due May 13th is a mix of indie rock, jazz, and R&B. We tried to touch on a lot of different content and vibes between the four tracks. "Let Me In" is more rock and roll where as 1822 definitely involves more rhythm and blues. Expect a mix of a lot of different genres with the same groovy presentation we delivered on our first EP, "Commuter."

How did you guys all meet?

Noah and I have been playing together since 2010. We went to high school together so there's some really deep chemistry there. I met Dan at some point by chance before coming to NYU where we ran into each other again. I met Bernardo through a friend last year and now we're roommates. We're all currently enrolled in the music department at Steinhardt (NYU).

1822 single got added to the Spotify list, stoke?

Spotify, we've found, is an amazing tool for music discovery and proliferation. Lots of artists attack Spotify for the apparent dent that it makes in their record sales but as a band trying to get discovered, I can't think of a better tool.

Have you guys been on any diets?

Bacon, whiskey, and scrambled eggs.

You guys have been doing a few gigs, how's that going?

Shows are going great. We only have a couple left before we all go off in different directions for the summer so make sure to stop by!

What stimulates your soul?

Coffee and music.

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