Twisting words with Melbourne Rapper Dex

At the very young age of 15 Dex, a Melbournian rapper has already dropped 2 mixtapes and is due to perform at the Laundry Bar in June. He just recently dropped “Twisted Words” which is an EP that encapsulates his life growing up, and the effects of dealing with the loss of his father. Dex’s track ‘Not around’ hits the heart chords on what it feels like to lose a loved one, so much so that he still tears up when he listens to it.  This creative and hungry rapper says he copped a little bit of hate from school by being a rapper at such a young age, but instead of letting that get to him as any teenager would; he let the hate turn into something positive, pushing him even further.

We chat to Dex about what it’s like being a rapper in school, how writing music helped him deal with the loss of his father and how he’s starting to get a lot of respect for his music. Margaret Tra writes.

You're pretty young how did you fall into rapping?  

I remember in grade six I use to be a huge fan of Eminem and I’d sing a long too all his songs when I’d get home from school. I never really started writing my own songs until April 2012, when I released my first single called “Holidays” which copped some love and some hate which certainly pushed me at the time to continue until this day. 40 something songs later and I still write. Music and writing has really become a part of me.

Are you still at school? If so what's it like being a rapper at school? 

Yes. When I first released my song “Holidays” It was quite a daunting experience to release the song knowing a lot of people at school would hear it. I was actually away at the time of the release and one of my mates decided upon my permission to upload the song. The first few weeks after going public with my rapping were pretty awesome and my close friends seemed to dig it, but after a short period of time I copped a bit of hate and names behind my back which bothered me, but didn’t stop me from continuing. I ignored the hate and decided I was going to keep making music whether other people liked it or not, the hate was ironically a positive experience as it made me hungrier to make better songs and improve. Only in this last year of school I’ve started getting a lot of respect and praise from people all ages and year levels, which is a pretty amazing feeling.

You just dropped 'Twisted Words.' Tell us about it. Which track means the most to you? 

‘Twisted Words’ is my second mixtape which I started working on around April 2013 and finally released it on April 28th 2014. The mixtape represents my life growing up, my passion for my music and the recent passing of my father. The first couple of months after losing my father song writing was such a significant outlet to release all the anger and pain that I had inside of me.

The track that means the most to me without a doubt is “Not Around” which I wrote in a time of great depression and sadness about a week after my father passed. The song still makes me tear every time I listen to it.

Who are your influences? 

One of my greatest influences would have to be Eminem who basically influenced me to start making music in the first place. Some of my more recent influences are Pez, 360, Mantra, Nas, Eloji, Kendrick Lamar and Bliss N Eso.

Where do you see yourself in the future?  

I see myself as an established artist making music that I love.

You've performed a bit live. What was that like? 

Performing live was such an incredible buzz and really was a crazy experience and was worth the pre-gig nerves. I hope to continue getting gigs and playing in front of crowds. My next gig is June 6th 2014 at the Laundry Bar which I am stoked about.

What stimulates your soul?
When I’m not writing and making music I find joy in skateboarding and hanging out with mates stimulates my soul. 

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