Staying connected with Connecticut rapper Rook CT

Rook CT has been rapping since 2009 and he is a rapper straight out from Connecticut. He just recently dropped his mixtape Frame of Mine II, which features his track S’mores. S’mores reminisces the times held by the campfire in our childhood. The flawless vocals flow easily with the mixture of the beats take you back, making it a timeless track.

We chat to Rook about Frame of Mine II, what roasting s’mores meant for him and on how he had a release party minus the CDs’. Margaret Tra writes. 

First of all how did your hip hop journey begin?

My hip hop journey started in 2009; I began writing and recording with some friends. We were throwing these big parties and started making our own songs to play at the parties. Everything stemmed from that. 

Here in Oz we always dream of having S’Mores by the camp fire, but unfortunately we never do... can you tell us about that track?

(Laughs) Yeah roasting s'mores is always a good time. That track came out of all the snow days up here in Connecticut, and we would have little parties at my spot and roast s’mores in the fire place. When Doc sent me the beat it really gave me that reflecting vibe, but it also had those smooth background vocals that turned me towards the campfire feel. 

How did the CD release party go? What was the main reason to drop hard copies?

Yeah absolutely, my hard copies actually didn't make it in time for the party which sucked. (laughs) The party went good, we held it at a new sneaker/barber shop that just opened up. Mostly everyone that was involved with the project, and then a bunch of friends and family came out so it was a good time. 

Were you a huge Back to the Future fan?

I wouldn't say I’m a huge Back to the Future fan, but I definitely love those films. That was more of a creative choice on the graphic designer’s side, big shout out to Deezy for making that cover. 

Before your mixtape dropped you were interested in emailing people directly the mixtape, what made you do this? And how important is it to you to stay connected with the audience?

Yeah. I always give the people that really support me and that want to hear the music first dibbs. It's just my way of showing love to my true fans and also gauging my following. It's extremely important to me to stay connected with my supporters. I'm always keeping them involved with what I have going on and vice versa.  I love my fans 

What’s next for you?

Right now working on 3 more visuals for Part II, and then we'll be rolling right into Part III sometime this summer! 

What Stimulates Your Soul?

Chicken cutlet grinder with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, prosciutto and vinaigrette.  

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