Fighting for creativity with Jazz Spastiks

Jazz Spastiks are two Scottish underground hip hop producers that don’t just create music, they also inspire. They treat music delicately, like writing a message to perfect strangers which will last long after they've gone. To them it is a way of conveying ideas and feelings to people that can exist forever. The Jazz Spastiks infuse hip hop and jazz music effortlessly. Their attention to detail shows just how much they care about the message of their music, this is shown with their latest album ‘The Product,’ which took them three years to finish and perfect. The lads also offer their fans a personal touch, with hand drawn collectables cards and stickers.

Stimulate Your Soul chats to Jazz Spastiks about their latest album ‘The Product,' what is feels like to be featured on Bandcamp’s 'New and Notable' section, and why living in Scotland and making hip hop music sounded natural to them. Margaret Tra writes.

You just dropped your album ‘The Product’ featuring Apani B Fly, Count Bass D, Ladybug Mecca, Moka Only, Sach, and Yesh, what was it like to work with them?

It was really an honour. Each of them has made, and continues to make music which we really relate to on both a musical level and lyrically. When we were developing the concept for the album we made a list of vocalists who we wanted to help us realise our vision, we were lucky that all of them were really feeling the music and were enthusiastic to get involved. 

What’s the response been like towards the album?

It's been incredible and we really want to thank everyone who has been supporting it! We released this album ourselves through our own label and the two of us have done everything from making the songs to designing the artwork and doing the promotion. 

Having said that we couldn't have done it without the help of the whole community, many other artists, DJs, labels and promoters that we have made friends with over the years have helped us to reach as big of an audience as we have, and we are hugely thankful the them all.

Your collector cards are adorable, what was the inspiration behind it?

Well they actually came from a mixture of influences. The art style and characters are taken from the animated videos which we have made for two of the songs on our album; Delicious featuring Count Bass D and Move feat Apani Be Fly. Both of these videos feature a 'hand drawn with pencils and cut out with scissors' type look which was actually inspired by a video game.

The idea to make cards came from when we were growing up and our love of collectable cards and stickers. When we realised that it would actually be possible to make our own cards to promote the album we were really excited, and made it one of our top priorities!

You were featured on Bandcamp’s 'New and Notable' section, how does it feel to be recongised like that?

We felt really privileged to be chosen by them and it was great to reach so many new listeners. We have used Bandcamp loads and it's really been an invaluable tool for us. 

Right now is such a great time to be making music because you can make anything you want and reach a worldwide audience instantly. We really despise the mainstream media and major record labels who we feel have been holding back creativity for far too long. 

It took you guys 3 years to make the album, why did it take that long?

It was because we wanted it to be perfect. For us it is the most important thing in our lives and we have agonised over every last detail. Making an album like this is like writing a message which will last long after we are gone, it's a way of conveying ideas and feelings to people that can exist forever. 

You guys reign from Scotland, I heard there isn't much of a hip hop scene there, what was it like growing up there and listening to hip hop?

In the cities there is more of a scene but we have always lived in a quieter part of Scotland so we really just listened to hip hop ourselves and with a few friends. People sometimes think it's strange that we make the type of stuff we do, but to us it's just music and it's always seemed natural to us.

What’s next for you guys?

We're just about to release our first ever vinyl! Thanks to Dusty Platter Records we are putting out a 7" single containing Move’ featuring Apani Be Fly, Frequency featuring Moka Only and bonus instrumental Tapedeck. Pre-orders are open now head over to if you want to pick one up.

After that we got a few more singles and videos coming from this album that we're really excited about but we're keeping that a secret at the moment! 

What stimulates your soul?

Lot's of things but something we find really interesting is the way that sound can affect people. Obviously words can be very moving but when pure sound impacts you in the same way there's something unique and really special about it.

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