Can’t get enough of rapper Kidd Keem


Pittsburgh rapper Kidd Keem’s latest track ‘Can’t get enough’ produced by Mark Parker brings back the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony vibe we’ve all been missing. This upcoming rapper has a flawless flow. Each track he releases his vibes strengthens and further imprints his mark in the music industry making him the one to watch out for.   

Kidd Keem has almost finished his EP ‘Ghost Zone’ which is due to drop out in July, so Stimulate Your Soul decided to chat to this upcoming rapper about how his EP is trotting along, what it’s like teaming up with Pittsburgh artists’ AF Rome and Off Bread and what success means to him. Margaret Tra writes.

You were born and raised into music tell us about it.

For me, music has always been something I can't go without.

You started at the age of 15, as time goes on how do you progress in your music?

When I have a lot on my mind I write it down or even when I'm bored I write, I guess it's like my hobby I take seriously. 

You are teaming up with AF Rome and the Off Bread clique based in Pittsburgh, what's that like ?

So far it’s been an absolute great experience! I feel it's honestly just the beginning of something that has no limit. AF Rome and Kurt are like my brothers. We've been working hard together for a while, we just decided to take that extra step and become one team.

How’s your album ‘Ghost Zone’ going?

It’s almost done, my manager and I just want it to be something different that will get the credit it deserves. I've never been an artist to put out music that can still be better. It's my passion and craft to make these tracks you hear the best they can be.

If you collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Probably A$AP Rocky or Mac Miller that dude is just too creative

You tweeted you just want to be successful, what does success mean to you?

Being successful to me is achieving goals that I set for myself, getting things accomplished and to be able to help my friends and family whenever they in need. At the end of the day, my success isn't measured in money or fame. It’s measured to me on how many lives I can change through my music. If one person a day listens to my music and feels inspired or motivated to better themselves then that ultimately is my definition of success.

What stimulates your soul?

I think like anybody, I strive to be the best person that I can be. Through music and the positive energy it brings, I feel that helps to bring the best out 

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