Siki Daha bares all in ‘LoveorLogic’ album

Siki Daha bares all in his latest released album dubbed ‘LoveorLogic.’ It showcases Siki’s many talents divulging into pop/soul and elements of dance. The singer/songwriter’s positive vibes, soulful voice and upbeat productions put your mind into a place of musical paradise.

We interview Siki about his album ‘LoveorLogic,’ how his relationships are divulged into his songs and the importance of working with independent artists. Margaret Tra writes.   

'Wake Up' is a track that celebrates life, how long did it take you to Wake Up?

Oh what an awesome question! I’d say about 6 years! Il’l leave the rest to the imagination. 

You just dropped your album with a local producer, is it important for you to work with local artists?

Completely, the main producer on this record is Adam Lunn who is a brilliant underground producer from Perth and I did one track with a DJ/producer who goes by the name Aaron Roman. 

I think local and independent artists don’t get the recognition they deserve and if I am ever in a position to work with or help promote local artists like me I am so down for that!

Tell us about your album ‘Loveorlogic’ you just dropped.

Well, it has been a year in the making for this project. I really wanted to take my time on this and talk about things I have kept private for so long and also express my feelings on things that went on this past year. 

I speak about my relationship I had with my father for the last four years and thankfully we are in a good place now which is something I am extremely grateful for but I definitely wanted to write about how I felt during that time. There is a song about my ex boyfriend in London titled ‘Over?’ where I talk about a relationship being over but not accepting this and struggling with the reality of it all and asking him to stay with me even though I was the one who left London to come back home. 

Can we expect to see you touring soon?

I hope so! Watch this space!

If you and Sade made a song, what would it be about?

Love, racism, equality and embracing yourself! It would be a pretty epic song huh? 

As an indie artist, what sets you aside from the rest?

My story, my background and my business skills.. I worked my ass off studying the independent business and learning as much as i could to find a road to success and I am finally on my way! Oh and my voice. 

What stimulates your soul?

Love and music.