Hopsin speaks out on why 95% of rappers today are whack


Hopsin is no stranger to the rap world, he’s constantly reinventing himself proving that he’s not a rapper to mess with. His crazy technical lyrical skills are not the only thing putting him on the map, it’s his ability to juggle his talent and his love and devotion for his fans that sets him aside from rappers today. His recently hit headlines with his controversial Pound Syndrome skit “No Words,” which takes aim at the quality of Rap music in 2015. Hopsin is also gearing up to come back to Australia and perform alongside DIZZY WRIGHT, JARREN BENTON & DJ HOPPA on The Funk Volume Tour.

We chat to Hopsin about why he thinks that 95% of rappers now are whack, what we can expect from his upcoming tour with him and The Funk Volume, and his thoughts on rappers being banned in Australia. Margaret Tra writes. 

How’s the tour going?

It’s not too beautiful over here I am in Kanas right now getting ready for a show. It’s cool to be out with my entire record label. I can’t complain things are going well. It’s just a bunch of jokes, everybody is always in a good mood. We’re always clowning around. 

You're out here in December what can we expect?

From the show, always a lot of energy. I am always big on energy and crowd interaction. Crowd surfing, I am not sure if we are bringing the light show with us as it’s pretty cool but if we do that would be good. It’s definitely a step up from when I last performed in Sydney. 

You get a lot of love here from Australia how does that feel?

It feels good. I never expected to get that much love in another country. I love going to Australia. Australia brings it to the fullest I can’t be mad at that at all. 

Tyler the creator and Chris Brown were recently banned, what are your thoughts?

Oh for real, I didn’t even know. Oh my god, what did they do?

With Tyler it’s more of his lyrics… 

Oh wow. Well, hopefully that doesn’t happen to me because I have some pretty wild lyrics. I would hate for that to happen to me. Australia is a huge market for me. That sucks. 

I noticed on social media you call out your fans to hang out, do you actually hang out with them?

On this tour, not as much. I am sure the day will come, I don’t do it all the time. It’s just on days where I have absolutely nothing to do. It just has to be a certain kind of day, I don’t just wake up wanting to chill with fans as we might have something planned. Every now and then I like to take it to a skate park or something. 

Is fan interaction really important to you?

Yeah, very pro-active, that’s what kind of built my platform and the whole platform for my label. For one it’s just cool to be cool, and for them to have access to us, and two it makes the buzz spread even further. When you’re so nice to them and you show them love, it makes them want to spread your name. Fans are the ones who gave me a career, I  have to show love back.

Are you working on some new music?

Not at the moment as I am on tour, but actually I just set up a little studio today on the tour bus. Literally about 10 minutes ago so I will be making music whilst I am on tour. 

I noticed you tweeted the rap and the porn industry were professions that you don’t need any skills to get into…

Like girls, the ones who just want to be freaky and get into the porn industry, they can do it. Same with rappers, they are whack. And it takes no skill now, it takes no skill now. All the rappers that are big right now suck. I mean not all, not J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar, I’ll say 95% of the rappers are.

Catch Hopsin at The Funk Volume Tour

When: 18th December 2015

Where: The Enmore, Sydney

Tickets: Ticketek