Unveiling the uniqueness of Purdy

Purdy is a classical blues and jazz goddess, and more importantly she’s a sucker for all things love. It shines through her music like watching a sunrise on a cool summer day. Purdy has had the pleasure of performing in front of rock legends Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood, and now she’s on a new mission — world domination by music. She’s been performing in festivals across the UK, and she is due to drop her album ‘Diamond in the dust’ very soon.

Stimulate Your Soul chats with Purdy about her upcoming album, what it’s like performing at such a young age, and what the sloppiest thing a man has done for her. Margaret Tra writes. 

You started making music when you were quite young, is there a song you used to enjoy when you were younger that you realised the meaning was completely different as an adult? 

One that springs to mind is 'Golden Brown' by The Stranglers. I always thought it was about lovers, but obviously now we know it's about heroine use. I recently found out that the song ‘Bye, Bye’ by Blackbird, which I love, isn't only about a misunderstood lover but a love starved prostitute. Killed the romance a little for me, but I love to discover the true meanings behind things. That's the beauty of songwriting though, only the writer knows the real truth and everyone else interprets it the way they like.

At age 11 what were your songs about? 

My songs were and are still always based on my feelings about anything that I feel strongly about. Generally a stream of consciousness...When I was young I would lay awake at night procrastinating over the meaning of life and searching my head for answers. I had quite a wild imagination and curiosity for life. I'd write endless pages in my diaries. My brother put me off writing with too much detail the day he decided to reveal the contents of one at the family dinner table. I was mortified! I'm a little more cloaked with my writing now.

You sang to Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood, and also looks like you hustled them after, what was the experience like? 

It was quite surreal and amazing to be in a room singing to Rock n Roll heroes! Hustled? (laughs). Not sure about that! Mick liked a painting of mine so I gave it to him and he kindly gave me tickets to his show at the 02 so it turned out nicely. I took my mum. It was like she was 18 again. Luckily no knickers were thrown as threatened. (laughs). 

You will be performing at a lot of festivals in the future, are you festival ready?

Hell yes! I can't wait. I love performing at festivals and getting my 60's hippy chick on. Stick a pair of wellies on everyone and suddenly we're all the same - in a great outdoor atmosphere enjoying the simple things in life. Music and, is it "tinny's" you call them?

You love love, what’s the sloppiest thing a man has done for you? 

Well, I'm a sucker for beautiful words so that can do it for me but I also have a love of vintage things so being taken to a secret location to drive a power blue 1960's convertible MG to the country for a picnic, inside the boot hid an old 1914 gramophone which was unveiled playing Glen Millers 'moonlit serenade' by. That was pretty mind blowing. Boy done good!

Tell us what Bye Bye Love means to you, was it directed to anyone in particular?

It was about a passed love that I had to walk away from because the miscommunication was damaging. Even though the subject is heavy I wanted the melody to be light hearted and have a positive way of saying great things can't last forever but I'll take the good times with me.

If you could do one thing in Australia, what would it be and why?

I've been travelling in Australia and I love your country. It's dear to me because my dad used to farm on west coast for six years and tells wonderful affectionate stories. I'd love to come back and see more, but jumping out of a plane over Noosa bay was one of the best moments of my life. 

What can we expect from your upcoming album “Diamond in the dust”?

I'm proud of what we made thanks to Andy Wright & other amazing co-writers. I just want as many people to hear it as possible. So world domination obviously! On the flip side it makes for a lovely drink coaster.

What Stimulates Your Soul? 

Beauty in many forms, the natural beauty of the countryside and the sky in all it's moods,  inspiring paintings and music, evocative and emotional human responses, tenderness, passion physical and mental. Above all, love.