Getting sticky with Melbourne MC Ivan Ooze

Upcoming MC Ivan Ooze gained our attention after going viral with his Friday freestyle videos. He’s supported for the likes of Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, Allday, and Illy, now Ivan is ready to hit the spotlight with his national ‘The Social Alien’ tour. Margaret Tra writes.

You got into the spotlight with freestyle videos, did you expect that to happen? 

Not really! I used to post them up for fun - I never thought it would pop off for me.

You say ‘Jimi Hendrix’ is special to you due to your dad, has he heard it? Also what does he think about it?

Well, my dad introduced me to Hendrix so it does hold a special place in my heart. Yeah, he has heard it and enjoys it a lot more than my other stuff... He's a bit of a midnight toker so he understands it.

You’ve supported quite a few musicians, was there one performance that made you take away a life lesson?

I'd say I took the most away from the Cypress Hill performances. The way they interact with their fans and how they are so laid-back shows that even at that level you can still remain humble!

Tell us about the ‘The Social Alien’ and what inspired it?

‘The Social Alien’ is basically what I've seen in life so far and what I've experienced.  It's more about what I needed to get it off my chest, not what inspired it.

You just announced a tour, congratulations you excited about that?

Of course! It's gonna be sick to party with old fans and make new ones. It's also gonna be dope to play some of my new tracks!

First rap song you listened to?

We Got What You Want - Busta Rhymes

What stimulates your soul?

Sticky icky icky.


WED APR 29 - Sosueme, Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
THU APR 30 - Lambda, Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane
SAT MAY 02 - Ed Castle, Adelaide
FRI MAY 08 - Hussle Hussle @ Mojos, Fremantle 
FRI MAY 15 - Can't Say, Melbourne
SAT JUNE 06 - Come Together Festival Sydney, Luna Park