Bringing back R&B with Rough Copy

Rough Copy are on a mission to bring back R&B into the world. They’ve been dubbed as the UK Jodeci, for no other reason than for their captivating sounds, smooth on-point vocals and passion for the R&B game. 

Rough Copy’s first official release ‘Same Formula’ has been welcomed with open arms, filling a gap of the true R&B we know and love. We chat to the lads about what it’s like being R&B singers this day and age, their love for fashion, and why they were born into R&B. Margaret Tra writes. 

You guys are on a mission to bring back R&B to the UK, how's that going for you lads? 

Being an R&B group in the UK we would definitely say is not easy, as the UK music scene is dominated by the mainstream pop sound, but we are R&B to the core; it's what we grew up listening to and no matter what we do we cant get away from it! So it is more than just a challenge but it was something that we were born to do. 

Not only are you guys in the music scene, but you've dabbled in the fashion industry what's that like?

Yes, we love our fashion as you have noticed and it is a great industry to be a part of; it is a very glamorous life style. As you know, in the music industry you need to have an open mind and be able to not just sound the part but look the part too, first impressions are one of the most important aspects in our line of work as artist because to get noticed you must first have the ability to stand out and also not be afraid to stand out. 

You dropped a video before the track? What's the reason behind that? 

Whenever you are readying a track to be released it is important to provide your supporters/fans with something they can look on to, grip to and take a liking to. As artists we have very wild imaginations and this comes out through the art of our musical visuals, we want to share our visions with our followers all around the world and that's what we did by releasing the video. 

You've been performing with some pretty great artists' lately, any one of them taught you something whilst you were with them

Yes, we have performed with some pretty amazing artist recently and we must say is has been a real honour. Can't think of anything specific that we have learned, but one thing we did take as a huge compliment from one of the R&B legends by the name of 'J Holiday' was when he said that we are doing ourselves proud because the R&B path is not an easy one to walk down and we shouldn't give up no matter what because we have what it takes to be great. That was so motivating to hear from him.   

Your single 'Same Formula' is due to drop in May, what has the response been like? 

The response has been amazing, it's been nothing but positive feedback since the day we recorded the song until now it's gone from strength to strength. The song has been played on national television including and used as background music on radio stations etc all thanks to our brilliant team especially the PR guys. The fans, industry, UK and overseas are loving the direction we are taking and they can't wait for us do an album. 

What was the first R&B song that you listened to?

(Sterling) - Jodeci 'forever my lady' 

Are you working on any new projects?

Yes, currently we are featured in a short film alongside some great UK actors called A.W.O.L (Absence Without Out Love) written and directed by Fredi Nwaka, plus hopefully we will be going stateside (Atlanta) this summer to work with top writers, producers , choreographers and to perform. 

We are also going on tour with one of the UK’s very first R&B boy bands 'Damage' which started on the 23rd of April in Sheffield. 

What stimulates your soul? 

(Sterling) What stimulates my soul is the reaction from fans and the general pubic when they notice us on the street and they come rushing to tell us how much they love us, admire and respect what we do - its such a great feeling! To have kids look up to you and adults respect you it makes what we do so worthwhile as we love giving back to people and being good role models.