5 Questions with Jazz Queen Vivian Sessoms

Vivian Sessoms is returning down under to perform at Sydney’s Venue 505. The International Jazz Queen was a child prodigy with her first ever performance was opening for the legendary Marvin Gaye. Ever since then she’s worked with the biggest names in the industry including Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. A natural born star, Vivian continues to captivate her audiences with her tantalising voice and heart-felt lyrics. 

We sit down with Vivian Sessoms and ask her 5 questions. Margaret Tra writes. 

What's it really like to be a child prodigy?

Well, I don't know if I would consider myself a prodigy. I was exposed to a lot an early age, particularly where music was concerned. I've also had a number of accomplished musicians in my family, but when you grow up in that environment it seems somehow ‘normal?' 

I don't really think I ever thought otherwise except from time to time as a kid people would say "Wow, your mum did this thing!” or "Your dad played with that person, that's a big deal,” and so sometimes I would think, “Hey, I never thought about it like that, but that is kinda cool.”

Your favourite song you are listening to now on repeat?

Right now I'm listening to Erykah Badu's ‘Cain't Use My Phone Suite’ which I absolutely adore, and it's on constant repeat. I'm an album girl, I put on albums and vibe out. I'm listening to Janelle Monae's ‘The Arch Android Deluxe’ edition. That album is a freaking master piece. I just got hip to a new artist by the name of Alina Baraz and Galimatias (Urban Flora), it's an EP but it's lovely and I can listen to it over and over. I'm also listening to a lot of Prince, just being in my feelings and what not. Still in shock over the loss of such a brilliant artist.

Your album ‘LIFE’ is utterly compelling, how does it feel to be able to put real life situations in your music?

Well, first and foremost it's an outlet for myself when I'm writing, a kind of release or catharsis if you will. I mostly hope it will serve as such for people who come into contact with the music, that it resonates. But there are so many feelings and ideas that I want to convey when I write or produce.

Favourite venue you've ever played at?

I have many favourite venues to play in for various reasons, the vibe, great sound, the staff.. But the ones that come to mind right now are the Rose Room at Jazz At Lincoln Center, Regattabar in Boston, Blues Alley has a cool vibe, and I love Paris Cat in Melbourne!

Top 3 Soul singers you love? 

I adore Gregory Porters voice. Theres another artist out of Brooklyn NY, named Aki Bermiss, he is heavenly. Ty Stephens out of NY is another favourite. For females, Lalah Hathaway, Alice Smith and Amy Winehouse. It’s so hard to name just 3!

Event Details:

June 18th  at Venue 505

280 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

Support: Michael Duchesne with live band

Tickets $30 + BF via venue 505 | $35 at the door

Doors open: 6pm

Ticket Link: http://tinyurl.com/zhoaffw