Afro/Funk trio True Vibenation take over Glastonbury and the world


True Vibenation are a bunch of lads straight outta Inner West Sydney kicking ass in the music scene today. Not only are they geeking about just playing the infamous Glastonbury Festival, but they are pretty chuffed that their latest track ‘The World Is Ours’ hitting number one of Spotify’s Viral chart. 

The lads are known for they upbeat mash up of afro rhythms, soulful vocals, warm synths and peppered with horns. 

While their busy kicking-off their European tour we catch up with the lads to chat about how 3 Inner West lads made it to Glastonbury, what to expect from their upcoming European tour and the joys of warming up the horns before a show. Margaret Tra writes. 

You guys are kicking ass in the music scene at the moment, how does it feel to know you performed at Glastonbury?

Thank you! It’s a bit surreal but also just feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to play at Glastonbury. To be honest until a year ago we wouldn’t even have thought it was possible to play at one of the biggest festivals in the world, but one year later here we are! We also just found out our new song ‘The World Is Ours’ is number one on the Spotify Viral chart for this week… insane!

It’s been a beautiful journey watching you guys grow, is there something you would tell your younger selves now?

Just the same as what most people have told us along the way. Trust in yourself, follow your gut, work hard and have fun! Oh, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to with the European tour you’ve got coming up?

Definitely playing to and meeting new people. When you’re touring overseas it’s really different to backpacking or regular traveling because you’re constantly around other artists and like minded people so it’s really special.


You guys just released the ‘World is Ours’ could you tell us how that came about?

We were lucky enough to go on an amazing tour last year playing a bunch of festivals across Southern Africa. We were so inspired by the music we discovered and people we met along the way we wanted to express that through our music. Also, a lot of people don’t realise we all make beats so it was a good chance to depart from the hip hop sound we’re known for.

Did you ever think 3 Inner West lads would be here?

Definitely not! When we first started making music out of mum’s house in Campbeltown I never would have thought this is where it would take us!

Africa was your first international tour, how was that experience?

It was amazing! The festival scene over there is really thriving and the energy and quality of the music is off the chain. I would definitely recommend anybody going over to time it with the festival season in April/May.

Favourite pre-show ritual?

Always got to warm up the horns! 

What other Aussie artists do you guys follow?

There’s a bunch of awesome music out of Australia at the moment, to name a few. The homie Ribongia jus released a great EP Escapisms, Moonbase Commander is dope too, Sampa the Great is awesome, Don’t know if he’s technically Aussie but I’ve had Jordan Rakei’s new album on repeat, We played a show with Man Made Mountain in Melbourne a few weeks ago and they were super dope, oh and ADKOB are really good too! 

What stimulates your soul?

Good music, good people and good food!

Catch the lads at the following European dates below. 

Sat 9 July
Fri 15 July
Sat 30 July

Sun 31 July