5 things you need to know about Noemad The Drifter x Braedon The Faded

1. You guys released an album, tell us about it.

It's our story as two 20 year olds in today's society. We wrote it over the course of the 6 months in my mum’s basement, each idea came to us just as things were happening in our lives, we wrote the songs, helped each other decide what sounded good and what didn't, fed off each others ideas and eventually it came together. We booked 20 hours at Soundscape studio in Chicago Illinois, we flew out the same day as our first 10 hour session and our plane had mechanical issues and our flight got delayed and we almost didn't make it but our Uber driver came in clutch when we finally landed and only got us there 10 minutes late. 

We spent 20 hours trying to record, mix and master 13 songs that we had prepared for the album but we only ended up being able to record 11. 9 joints and a solo each. Then we flew home with a CD full of songs and our friend picked us up at the airport. We jammed out the whole way home where our other friend and my girlfriend met us and we showed the finish project to them as well. 


2. How did you guys link together?  

We met in pre-school and have been best friends ever since.

3. What influenced us?  

I guess life just influenced us, this is our way of expression.  

4. What do we have on a playlist that we play over and over? 

Noemad: Russ, Raury, Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, Verse Simmonds, Blackbear, 6lack, Post Malone, loyle carner, Dave B, J Cole, Stormzy and Kyle.

Braedon The Faded: Lil Yachty all the time, Chance the Rapper, Post Malone, Kyle, Lil Uzi Vert, Blackbear, Perry (aka Burrberry Perry), all of sailing team including Kodie shane, Travis scott, and Rae Sremmurd

5. First CD you bought?

Braedon The Faded: I'd have to say it was an old backstreet boys album, used to listen that all day, music has really changed since then

Noemad: I'd have to say the Marshall Mathers LP

When you aren't making music what do you do? 

Noemad: I like to make videos take pictures, and adventure n shit in nature

Braedon The Faded: I like to play video games, adventure outside, do some photo shoots, and just like to relax and enjoy the little things.


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