5 tracks that influenced UK rapper Krishen

Super chilled rapper Krishen is a London-based hip-hop artist and he has just released his debut single ‘Say It.’ Relatively new to the scene, Krishen first caught our attention with smooth seamless beats with out-of-this-world rap. 

We sit down with Krishen and he tells us his top 5 tracks that influenced him. 

1. Frank Ocean - Chanel

Right now though, I'm really moved by Frank Ocean's 'Chanel'. He is one of my influences for sure and I like the cadence of the verse, the way it bends over the music. I don't think music is necessarily 'meant' to say something important or profound, I think its meant to move you. Good or bad, up or down, it doesn’t matter, but to move you. I hate when people dismiss songs that aren't saying something politically relevant, and class them as 'superficial' - they don't get music. 

2. Gorillaz - Andromeda 

Gorillaz just released a track called 'Andromeda' which is like a weird dancey spacey track which I'm vibing to right now actually. It’s got such a good atmosphere to it, the way it creates a visual in your head is brilliant, let's include that. 

3. Drake - Lose You

Oh, so Drake's 'More Life' just came out so I've been listening to that a lot. I am kinda infatuated with 'Lose you'. The power of the lyrics mixes incredibly well with the tension of the music, its like the emotion is on high. I feel that a lot. People say my emotion is always on high, thats probably why I like it to be honest. They say you can tell a lot about a person by their taste in music. Hmmm.  

4. Stormzy - 100 Bags

Anyway, a few weeks ago Stormzy released his debut album. I was looking forward to it but didn't expect to hear what I ended up hearing. 'Gang Signs & Prayer' is a Grime classic in my opinion. I think its going to be remembered as a turning point in music, and I don't make statements like the lightly. '100 bags' is my favourite, I like the music's thoughtful but also positive trajectory. Also, 'Mumzy your bad' is possibly the most swagga line i've heard all year. 

5. Krishen - Say It

That’s it, I can't think of a 5th. Actually no I can. The song I'm working on right now. People might say that's a cocky thing to say, but that's stupid. You gotta be influenced and inspired by what you're doing if you really want to make great things. You could be a lawyer, or a painter, or anything, but if your own work doesn't do anything to you, then you're stagnant. Okay i'm rambling, next question."