Top 5 albums that influenced Hip hop artist Ryland Rose

Melbourne hip hop/rap artist Ryland Rose dropped a delicious track called ‘Brooke Shields.’ Last year, Ryalnd Rose’ single ‘Almost Famous & Broke’ entered the Billboard Viral Charts at #4, and peaked on Spotify’s Global Viral Charts at #5. 

We sit down with Ryland and he reveals to us his top 5 albums that influenced him.

Dr. Dre - '2001': The album that started the obsession for me, I was a little late to the party with rap (all my friends got into it a year or so before) but this is what sold me. Once I was in though, I was all in. Early on it was the shock value, then it was the raps, then the production. Then I just followed the 'family tree' into the rap world...


Kid Cudi - ‘Man On The Moon - The End Of Day’: Cudi’s first album was such a big influence on me. Before this album I was just some wannabe rapper. After this I discovered how important is was to make good songs. It's just so complete, and for a debut album its unbelievable how timeless it is.

Oasis - What’s the Story (Morning Glory): I used to play guitar when I was younger (I sucked), but I still know every song word for word. I just watched their 'Supersonic' documentary and I forgot how genius these two crazy brothers were. Champagne Supernova is still the best song ever with the coolest song name ever.

Kanye West - Graduation: Again, just totally broke the realm of what rap was. Everything changed after this and I remember feeling it when I first heard 'Flashing Lights'. If you do the numbers and look at the history, Kanye's level of influence on today's generation is undeniable. Special mention: 808s & Heartbreak continued this trend and influenced me just as much. 

Jay-Z - The Blueprint: An album by one of the greatest pure rappers ever at the peak of his talent.  On top of that, it's introduced me to a young producer name Kanye West (AND Just Blaze). Think of the importance of that alone. Casually also features Eminem's best guest appearance ever. Oh, and one of the strongest battle records as well. In terms of a rap album, it has everything and is faultless. Even the bonus cuts are highlights ("Breathe Easy"). PS: He made it in 2 weeks. Let that sink in.