5 tracks that influenced Canadian rapper/songwriter Jerico

Born in Ghana, raised in Montreal, Canada, Jerico has been making music since he was 12-years-old. Having worked with producers across the globe, Jerico is back in the game and has released a new single ‘Ready or Not’ remix. 

We sit down with Jerico and he tells us what 5 tracks influenced this emerging rapper. 

1. Bon Jovi "It's My Life": As soon as the electric guitar begins, you get an instant feeling. This is one of my all time favorites. It's just one of those songs that is very motivational. It's a perfect blend of good instrumentation along with great lyrics. This song always reminds me to get up and strive for what I want.

2. DMX "Slippin": The oboe is one of the key elements to this classic. Even though the lyrics say "I'm falling and I can't get up", this song is very uplifting in a weird way. As he talks about the trails and tribulations of his life, I reflect on my own. Then I always realize that my situation is not that bad. This song will resonate with me forever as well as the artist.

3. Michael Jackson "Beat It": This is another timeless record. A lot of Michael Jackson's videos are like movies. From the cinematography to the choreography, everything is well done. When I was younger I did not fully comprehend the lyrics until I grew. Yet this song has always made me want to move and dance. 

4. Nas ft. Lauryn Hill "If I Ruled The World": This song consists of two artists I consider the greatest of all time. The perfect duo for such a strong message. This song would make me want to reflect on what I would do if I had a lot of money or power. Not for vanity, but all the good I would do and the people I would help. 

5. Eminem "Lose Yourself": I love listening to music that inspires me or has purpose/message. This record falls into that boat. From the very beginning with the pianos and the guitar, there's a real sense of emotion. Eminem's lyrics motivate me and make me feel unstoppable. This song makes me feel like I am ready for any adversity.