5 Things You Didn't Know About Melbourne Soul Singer Kaiit

We’ve been crushing on Melbourne soul singer Kaiit for a while now, even more now that she released a delicious new track ‘Natural Women.’ While she’s relatively new to the scene she’s been making her mark and demanding the world’s attention through her sweet vocals and feminist vibes.

We sit down with Kaiit and find out what this star is really like. 

1. I love going Op (thrift) Shopping, I literally get all my things from there. It's a thing I love doing with my family on weekends and any chance we get together. I seem to be able to manifest the type of clothes I want and find them as we look around. You know I look be looking for those red threads.

2. I have a twin brother that's 10 minutes younger than me. He was in my "Natural Women" video and the next project to come out as well "2000 n Somethin." I also have a baby sister who is 12 years-old that will be in the video too. You can find the video on my Facebook & YouTube channels soon

3. The first years of my life started in an Arts University in Port Moresby (the capital city of Papua New Guinea) where both my parents taught. My mum teaching photography and my father in the lino department.

4. Certain words just don't tend to sit with me or just make me cringe super easily. A couple words I just can't stand are  "Hot Choccy." Like why can't people just say Chocolate? As well as Brekky.. UHHH yuckkkkk!

5. I’m scared my 12-year-old sister is probably going get her license before me. I've got legit like 4 hours in my driving log book, I don't really mind PTV (as long as I've got a seat and I'm not being touched) but a whip would be so much easier, I'm just like... Lazy?