Alt- Hip Hop MC HARDY Unleashes 'BORN SLOW' (Feat. SUMITT)

Hardy is a solo hip hop/alternative artist from Queensland, AUS, who enjoys weaving together words that rhyme and saying them quickly. Mixing up tunes since 2015 on the spare room floor, 2017 marks his first official release. 

‘Born Slow’, is a love letter to lyricism; a simple, bouncing beat scaffolding a playground of rhyme, reference and double meaning.

Written, produced and recorded by Hardy in a makeshift studio throughout 2016, the lyrics themselves centre on the concept of victory through slow progress.

Moving slowly can often feel like standing still, but in ‘Born Slow’ Hardy paints it as a strength; the operative word of “slow progress” being, after all, “progress”. Sometimes the only way to move forward is at a snail’s pace, but sometimes it’s also the best way to move.

The song is both playful and meaningful, the simplicity of the music counterpointed by the content of the lyrics, and features chorus vocals by the talented Sumitt. Inspired in part by George Watsky, ‘Born Slow’ will be enjoyed by fans of Watksy’s music as well as fans of lyrical and/or alternative rap in general.