R&B Artist Ta’Shan Releases High

From the off-set, ‘High’ is packed with multicultural spice and flavour. Indian culture meets the depth and soul of R&B, and the raw edge of Trap, making a unique sound that Ta’Shan has self-coined as ‘RnTrap with a hint of India’, which stands out beyond comparison in her brand new single.

The Swiss-Indian singer, who grew up in Switzerland but now resides in London, is impactful in every sense of the word. From her flawless vocals, captivating lyrics through to her striking looks, Ta’Shan clearly strives for perfection in all that she applies herself to. Being fluent in three languages and having studied at the renowned Conservatory of Music in Switzerland, before embarking on studies at The British & Irish Modern Music Institute, has opened the globe to Ta’Shan, for both experiences and influences that she applies to her music.